EFAA National Outdoor Championships

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On the weekend of 31 Aug – 1 Sept two club members attended the EFAA National Outdoor Championships held at Kings Forest Bowmen in Sussex.

Tina Beckman opted to shoot a recurve bow for this event, competing in the AFFSR class and representing her field club Kings Forest Bowmen, whilst new member Jack Atkinson was shooting compound in the AMFU class as a direct entry.

Beautiful scenery was complemented by lovely weather on both days, with the last gasps of summer resulting in the suncream being broken out – despite the Met Office updating their app to ‘Autumn’ over the weekend!

Saturday saw the archers shooting a Hunter round (white spots on a black face at a variety of distances). Both archers put in respectable scores with Jack finishing an agonising 1 point off a Senior Field Master score. There was some reprieve, however, as he was able to finally claim his Grand Field Master classification which was awarded at the end of the weekend.

Waking up to do it all again on Sunday the archers moved to a different course, newly constructed this year, for a Field round. This took them in and out the woods with a number of challenging shots featuring inclines and heavily dappled lighting.

Tina improved upon the previous day, putting in a score at the top end of her current C classification. This saw her finish second in the AFFSR class with the highest score from a C class archer.

A shake up in groups for Jack saw a more pressured day with less friendly target companions, but he too improved upon the previous day moving a few places up the rankings to finish 8th in the AMFU class and achieve his first Senior Field Master score.

Hopefully this gives some insight into alternative forms of archery and what members get up to off the sports field. If you are interested in finding out more about field please feel free to ask – it’s great fun.

Full results can be found here: https://efaafieldarcher.com/tournaments/results/