WA 720 Tournament 2019

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The annual CCB tournament took place on 18th and 19th May. Over 100 archers took part over the two days completing a double 720 round (144 arrows). Each day represents a separate competition with many archers claiming valuable ranking points and 9 archers claiming WA target awards (including some from CCB). [read]

Sponsored Archer

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Some of you will have seen Lydia sporting this understated garment recently, showing the world she has obtained sponsorship from the Archery Shop to further her archery ambitions.

Look out for the mention of TASH in all social media posts and every other sentence. [read]

SCAS (Southern Counties) Tournament

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Another tournament but no silverware this time.

The SCAS tournament is held in a massive hall, just outside Basingstoke (big enough for 50 targets side by side(!). We had two competitors. Lydia and Patrick Sinnett-Smith (OK I just go to keep Lydia company). [read]

County Championship trophy haul!

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CCB archers had a successful day at the County Championship and Jolly Archers Open Tournament.

That’s 6 trophies and 11 medals!
Roll of Honour is
Mens Compound- County Champion and Open tournament winner- Jack Kelly (Go on Jack look a bit happier) retaining his title. [read]

2018 National Indoor Championships

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4 CCB archers took part in the National Indoor Championships on 2nd December (Charlotte Rossetti, Anke Hannemann, Jack Kelly and Lydia Sinnett-Smith) and two hangers on were also there.

The format of this competition is a 5 dozen ranking round, the top 32 then go through to a head to head knockout competition. [read]

Competition Success

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CCB archers have been active and successful in Ely and Oxford

As a club we encourage our members to compete by refunding your entry fees (you have to be listed as a CCB member on the target list, you need to actually compete and you need to send the results list to treasurer and secretary to get your refund)

Ely Archers Open Portsmouth on 17th November. [read]

Beginner Bow Clout!

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On the last Sunday of the summer season 14 intrepid archers braved a cold, grey and blustery day to do something a little different- a new experience for everyone organised by Huw Howell.

To level the playing field everyone had to shoot using one of the club training bows (18# or less) and we used an assortment of club arrows. [read]

Winter Shooting

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You’ll have noticed the nights getting gloomier. That can only mean one thing. Indoor shooting starts soon!

Indoor shooting is every Monday and Thursday from 7.15-9.15 (pm). Please arrive promptly or even better a little early to help set up. We don’t have a lot of time so late arrivals can be very disruptive for those shooting. [read]