Mid Season Round-Up

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A busy summer season! Competition roundup

Summer is the main competition season for archery, and a number of our archers have been out and about over the past month, representing the club and having fun.

A trio of our recurves (Anke Hanneman, Fran Nichols and Richard Brasher) attended the Jolly Archers Western. Despite wet weather throughout the whole shoot, they shot well to take third place as a team and Anke took the silver medal in Ladies Recurve.

Adam Edwards shot at the Aquarius Archery Longbow/Barebow Western.

Lydia Sinnett-Smith attended Stages 2, 3 and 4 of the Archery GB National Tour. Stages 2 and 3 were hosted by Surrey Archery in Kingston, and Stage 4 a little closer at Bowmen of Glen. The standard at National Tour events is pretty high, but a highlight was a top-10 finish in both ranking and H2H at Stage 4 – and shooting the second-highest ladies score in the 1/8 H2H. Big shoots can be daunting but they are a fun experience – if you’ve considered doing one, I would recommend it!

As always, we like to hear when our archers have been competing, so please send any shoot reports, photos, and results to the secretary so you can be included in the next write up!