Two new county Champions! World Archery Weekend report

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On the 15th/16th weekend of June, a crew of CCB archers attended the 2019 WA Weekend at Girton College, hosted by Peacock Archery. This was the first year the shoot was hosted here, and it was a beautiful setting – it’s not often you can look past the targets at the house for the official Artist in Residence (here’s hoping they were looking out of their window and taking some inspiration during the shoot!). We have pretty much every type of weather going throughout the weekend, from hot sun to rain and a tricky wind that kept everyone on their toes. The Saturday was a WA720 followed by individual Head to Heads. In Ladies Recurve Anke Hannemann ranked 6th, before being knocked out in the quarter finals. We had two archers shooting in Gents Compound, Jack Kelly ranked 7th and Patrick Sinnett-Smith ranked 14th; both were knocked out in the 1/8 round. In Ladies Compound, Lydia Sinnett-Smith ranked 4th, and won the bronze medal in the H2H.

The Sunday was a WA1440, incorporating the Cambridgeshire Outdoor County Champs. The club was pretty successful, both in the shoot and in the raffle that followed! Patrick and Jack ranked 10th and 11th in Gents Compound – Jack learning a valuable lesson on checking the score sheet before signing it, as he would have been county champion had he not docked himself 100 points by mistake! Anke persevered despite having been away from her bow for a few weeks and being ill for the weekend, and ranked 10th overall. Our top successes of the weekend however were two county champions – Lydia Sinnett-Smith in Ladies Compound, and Huw Howell in Gents Longbow. Both also came second in the open competition. Huw especially deserves congratulations as he had only signed up to shoot the day before (after a little bit of pushing by other club members) and hadn’t shot 50 or 30m with the longbow. Perhaps you don’t need to replace those broken arrows after all Huw?

Happy County Champions with their medals

Sadly, no one won the best prize of the day, the Tiger Moth flight that was on offer in the raffle. Maybe we’ll have better luck next year?

I’m sure everyone who attended will agree that it was a very smoothly run and enjoyable shoot, so thank you to Peacock Archery for running it, and we hope to send another contingent next year to contest our titles!

Lydia Sinnett-Smith

A couple of photos from the event – sorry to those who don’t feature, but it’s tricky to both shoot and take pictures!