City of Cambridge Bowmen

SCAS (Southern Counties) Tournament

Monday, March 4th, 2019

Another tournament but no silverware this time.

The SCAS tournament is held in a massive hall, just outside Basingstoke (big enough for 50 targets side by side(!). We had two competitors. Lydia and Patrick Sinnett-Smith (OK I just go to keep Lydia company).

Those shirts really do stand out on the line!

The round shot – WA Combined- that’s 60 arrows at 25m and 60 at 18m- is unusual since not many places can manage 25m… and it does take a long time. A creditable 6th for Lydia (along with two Cambridgeshire County records) and …. say it quietly…. 23rd for Patrick.

For those who like a bit of fun it’s a good weekend . On the Saturday there is a Vegas shoot, which is more light hearted than ‘real’ competition and in the evening the famous Nerves of Steel.

For the unfamiliar this is shooting though a steel plate at the target. Starting with the hole the size of 8 ring on a 40cm face and progressing through 9 ring, 10 and then compound 10. The action takes place in the bar with rowdy spectators and some alcohol consumption.

Video of some key moments here. Turn the volume way up as its quiet but you can hear the sound of dying arrows. One person did get it in the compound 10! (8 ring) (9 ring) (10 ring)

And for the very bored the full 3 hour video is here:

Nerves of Steel Live stream

Posted by Andy Caine on Saturday, 23 February 2019

There is an alternative version of this game we may try at the club- Nerves of Cardboard. (less damage).

Patrick 27 Feb 2019