Beginner Bow Clout!

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On the last Sunday of the summer season 14 intrepid archers braved a cold, grey and blustery day to do something a little different- a new experience for everyone organised by Huw Howell.

To level the playing field everyone had to shoot using one of the club training bows (18# or less) and we used an assortment of club arrows. No sights, no stabilisers.

First Huw explained the rules to an obviously enthralled audience

Then we sized up the distance- seems a long way away (actually only about 70m)

And then we’re off, aim high and watch them fly?

One archer managed to hit the bullseye (that would be me)

Results, are they important? Seb M won by a substantial margin, meaning he probably took it too seriously. Phil came second and I came third (beating my daughter which means I’ve found one bow style where I can manage that). Wooden Spoon goes to Dennis, commiserations.

Congratulations to all for braving the weather and a special thanks to Huw for setting this up and getting us organised.

Patrick Sinnett-Smith